Toni's Leather Shop

Proud Member of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition

Welcome to Toni's Leather Shop and His Sh...tuff

Toni's Leather Shop was established 2014, when I started making custom orders and going to craft shows. My customer base and opportunities have grown greatly since then and exponentially in the last few months. To reach more customers and provide a better service, it is time to go online.

I make all the leather items, but couldn't have accomplished so much without Floyd, better know locally as Ribeye. About four years ago, Floyd built my shop for me, and I filled it up in a hurry. He continues to encourage me and tells everyone he knows about my leather work.
We try to be imaginative and make things you can't find anywhere else. Some of my projects may look similar to others but if you look close you will see a difference, and you never know what Ribeye is up too.